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1600 East Holt Blvd.
Pomona, CA 91767

Open Daily 10am - 6pm
(Closed Tue)

Pomona City

Store Directory


Company Category Space
1 Stop Jewelry Exchange Jewelry: Gold E21
1st Choice Cell Cell Phones & Accessories B03
3 Bit Games Toys / Games / Outdoors K24
7 Potencias Specialty Store / Crafts I12
7 Potencias Health / Fitness / Personal Care I13
92 Elements Specialty Store / Crafts O23
A R Vision Health / Fitness / Personal Care J12
A-1 Cellular Cell Phones & Accessories H16
Acklyn Crystal & More Specialty Store / Crafts C12
Alana Maylyn Couture Clothes: Miscellaneous B14
Alas Fashion Clothes: Miscellaneous K18
Alborada Real Estate Services F22
Alhasan Smadi Cell Phones & Accessories I03
Alhasan Smadi Cell Phones & Accessories G10
Alteraciones Bertha Services C09
Ana's Boutique Clothes : Women I29
Ana's Bridal Clothes: Miscellaneous J07
Ana's Kids Clothes: Miscellaneous C26
Andrea's Shoes Shoes: Women N31
Angel Arcega Household / Home Decor / Housewares D20
Annie's Alteration Services G33
Arnulfo Jara Specialty Store / Crafts G28
Artelati Specialty Store / Crafts D24
Artesania Ortega Specialty Store / Crafts P18
AVON Cosmetics / Beauty / Hair Care / Perfume & Cologne I14
Beautify U LLC Cosmetics / Beauty / Hair Care / Perfume & Cologne G18
Beyond Eyebrow Threading Beauty Services K30
Beyond Eyebrow Threading Beauty Services S28
Boss Babe Cosmetics Cosmetics / Beauty / Hair Care / Perfume & Cologne L10
Bunbury's Electronics Cell Phones & Accessories M07
Canary Especial Food Pets / Pet Supplies E27
Carlos Cruz Accessories E28
Cecilia's Hair Salon Beauty Services D33
Cellnet Communications Cell Phones & Accessories A19
Cesar Mendez Auto Services / Supplies L26
Chavez Clothing Clothes: Miscellaneous N26
Churromania Bakery Food J01
Churros Churromania Bakery Food A18
Corona Foto Estudio Services N21
Crazy Peanut Food B01
Creaciones Lizette Specialty Store / Crafts A05
Creaciones Lizette Party Supplies A01
Curvy Honey's Boutique Clothes: Undergarments K05
Dago's Car Stereo/Speaker Repair Auto Services / Supplies R22
Dalila's Beauty Salon Beauty Services U18
Daniel Rodriguez Toys / Games / Outdoors C05
Daniel Rodriguez Household / Home Decor / Housewares B09
Daniel Rodriguez Clothes : Women B07
Daniel Rodriguez Anime Toys / Games / Outdoors D07
Deportes Perez Clothes: Sportswear K31
Do It Insurance Services Services P05
Don Benny Jewelry: Silver B30
Dr. Choi Acupuncture Clinic Inc. Services G26
Draco's Body Piercing Services L07
Duli Toys / Games / Outdoors C24
Duole Trading Jewelry: Custom & Accessories B24
Edith Campos Household / Home Decor / Housewares D09
Edith Campos Clothes: Children D10
El Zarape Mexican Food Food H18
Electronic Computer Repair & Zales Computers / Electronics / Accessories O28
Elite Gifts / Personalized Items M20
Envio de Dinero SJL Services M09
Envios Pomona Services F21
Ernesto Rojas Household / Home Decor / Housewares F07
Eulogio Bautista Martinez Clothes : Women V16
Eva Zhang Jewelry: Gold A11
Exclusive MX Jerseys Clothes: Miscellaneous K10
Express Photo Studio Services B21
Family Jewels Jewelry: Gold E12
Family Street Wear Clothes: Men U15
Fashionaras Shoes: Women E22
Fashionaras Corp. Shoes: Children E24
Fernando Crespo Photography Services C10
Fine Jewelry and Perfume Jewelry: Gold G13
Furniture Furniture A12
G. E. Recycling Co. Inc. Services W01
G. G. Anime Toys / Games / Outdoors I08
Garcia Boutique N Crafts Gifts / Personalized Items G30
GBL Fashion Shoes Shoes: Women N14
GBL Fashion Shoes Shoes: Women A34
Gift World Plus Gifts / Personalized Items A16
Glitter Nails Beauty Services A30
Hedensy Jewelry Jewelry: Gold J11
Hernandez Produce Food P01
Heyletts Health / Fitness / Personal Care F26
High Style Shoes Shoes: Women H29
Hilos y Manualidades Adilene Specialty Store / Crafts O25
HM Indian Beauty Beauty Services G07
House of Jade Beauty Services J03
Issa Brother LLC Auto Services / Supplies B12
Italy Jewelers Jewelry: Gold M18
J & K Import & Export Inc. Accessories N12
J.J. Silver & Accessories Jewelry: Silver D18
Jazmine Jewelry Jewelry: Gold C07
Jenny Shoes Shoes: Miscellaneous L27
Jerked Out Jerky Food A22
Jesus Rios Shoes: Miscellaneous E03
Jewelry Luna Jewelry: Gold L21
JKANS Group LLC Furniture F08
Jose Hernandez Accessories F23
Jose Silva Inc. Y/Worldwide Services O21
Joyeria A & L Jewelry: Gold D13
Joyeria Torres Jewelry: Silver O30
Juan Soc Sanchez Shoes: Athletic P03
Juana Maria Ponce Clothes : Women B31
Juana Pulido Health / Fitness / Personal Care B28
Judy Tuyet Luong Clothes : Women O15
K & Y Acupuncture Services N06
Kayla's Fashion Clothes: Sportswear L13
Kayla's Fashion Clothes : Women F12
Leana's Furniture Furniture P12
Lee's Jewelry Jewelry: Gold C30
Lenceria Skye Clothes: Undergarments G11
Linda's Nails Beauty Services L03
Local Xpress Household / Home Decor / Housewares K23
Los Twins Mexican Candy Party Supplies F18
Lucky Western Wear Shoes: Miscellaneous N10
Luis Gonzalez & Cristina Martinez Accessories H28
Lulu's Crafts Party Supplies D11
M Flowers Fresh Flowers / Garden M10
Manzoom Clothes: Men L18
Maria Cisneros Clothes: Undergarments J15
Maria G Garcia Sanchez Household / Home Decor / Housewares R06
Maria G Garcia Sanchez Home Improvement / Tools Q06
Maria G Garcia Sanchez Auto Services / Supplies Q05
Maria Garcia Health / Fitness / Personal Care M14
Maria Navarro Toys / Games / Outdoors K28
Maribel Castanon Party Supplies P24
Mariscos Cachanilla Food S27
Martini Men's Wear Clothes: Men E18
Martini Men's Wear Clothes: Men N23
Martini Men's Wear Clothes: Men H03
Martini Men's Wear Clothes: Miscellaneous L24
Martini Men's Wear Clothes: Children F30
Martini Men's Wear Shoes: Men N24
Mascotilandia Pets / Pet Supplies I27
Mascotilandia Pets / Pet Supplies C29
Masso Products Services R24
Mei Wei Restaurant Food S19
Miguel Mendoza Cell Phones & Accessories L29
Mike's Glass N Gifts Specialty Store / Crafts R23
Montoya Wireless Cell Phones & Accessories J27
Mos Cart Toys / Games / Outdoors R21
Mr. Color Print Services H11
Myoung Ki Kim Luggage / Backpacks D15
Nixon Trucking School Services R26
No Cap Clothes: Sportswear B25
Only Scrubs Clothes: Miscellaneous F06
Ontario Nutrition Center Health / Fitness / Personal Care E34
Outlet Lily Clothes: Children E06
Pacific Healing Touch Spa Services H33
Pamper Me Wellness Reflexology Inc. Services I11
Park Acupuncture Services H09
Payless Connect Cell Phones & Accessories E31
Petra Rocha Clothes : Women P14
Pharmacia Lucero Health / Fitness / Personal Care G22
Pomona Lock And Key Services G34
Premium Pet Store Pets / Pet Supplies S33
Prime Time Jewelry: Watches / Clocks / Miscellaneous E16
Princess Furniture Furniture D22
Pro Selections Clothes : Women B18
Pusan Acupuncture Services D29
Que Siga La Fiesta Household / Home Decor / Housewares G03
Que Siga La Fiesta Party Supplies F03
Quick Cuts Beauty Services G09
Rainbow Auto Accessories Luggage / Backpacks M15
Rajas Pomona Tattoo and Silver Inc. Services P08
Raspados Food J33
Raul Gallardo Jewelry: Custom & Accessories Q23
Raymundo Olvera Macias Shoes: Athletic P16
RB Perfumes Inc. Cosmetics / Beauty / Hair Care / Perfume & Cologne F24
Real Dad Brands Gifts / Personalized Items I06
Reballing Genius LLC Services F09
Reina's Clothes : Women D01
Reina's Specialty Store / Crafts C02
Reyes Cosmetics Cosmetics / Beauty / Hair Care / Perfume & Cologne H07
Reyes Foto Estudio Specialty Store / Crafts G08
Rodeo Boots Inc. Shoes: Miscellaneous J18
Rosario Paz Jewelry: Custom & Accessories J28
Rossy's Lingerie Clothes: Undergarments D03
Royal Prestige SWM Household / Home Decor / Housewares N01
Ruby's Snack Bar Food M33
S-N-A Gifts / Personalized Items M31
Sahara Sports Toys / Games / Outdoors R17
Sai Threading Beauty Services O22
Sam's Auto Accessories Auto Services / Supplies P27
Sensation Perfume Cosmetics / Beauty / Hair Care / Perfume & Cologne K22
Sense CRM Gifts / Personalized Items I25
Seon Mee Bang Jewelry: Custom & Accessories K03
Sergio Photography Services F28
Shelo Nabel Ilian Health / Fitness / Personal Care E10
Shoe's Navy Shoes: Athletic C13
Si Se Puede Servicios de Immigracion Services M12
Star Salon Beauty Services N09
Suave Central Clothes : Women N28
Suave Central Clothes: Undergarments M28
Suena Flor Fresh Flowers / Garden J21
Sunny Jewelry Jewelry: Silver I15
Sweet Clothes: Miscellaneous N03
Tania's Occasions Clothes: Miscellaneous P20
Teresa Pena Gonzalez Accessories G31
Tiffanie's Bridal Clothes: Miscellaneous I31
Tony's Sales Household / Home Decor / Housewares K15
Tools R' Us Home Improvement / Tools E08
Tortas Ahogadas Los Primos # 2 Food E02
Touch of India LLC. Beauty Services A33
Tupperware House Accessories L06
Tupperware House Household / Home Decor / Housewares J05
Turning Heads Beauty Bar Beauty Services D27
Ultimate Air FX Gifts / Personalized Items K11
Velazquez Photo and Video Services K26
Velvetty Boutique Clothes : Women N07
Vic Shoe Repair Services F29
Victoria's Beauty Supplies Cosmetics / Beauty / Hair Care / Perfume & Cologne A28
Vida Natural Health / Fitness / Personal Care J25
VIGO Services H27
Villa Electronics Computers / Electronics / Accessories D05
Want MBK Clothing Store Clothes: Men J30
Work Clothing, Uniforms Clothes: Miscellaneous A14
WStore Household / Home Decor / Housewares H22
Yipee Yipee Nails & Spa Beauty Services V18
Yogurt Bear Food O33
Yolie's Mexican Dancewear Specialty Store / Crafts A24
Young Star Clothes: Sportswear H12
Yuan Hao Zheng Shoes: Athletic B11
Z Smoke Shop Specialty Store / Crafts I10
Zavaleta Games Toys / Games / Outdoors P26
Zen Reflexology Services K27
Zong Connect Cell Phones & Accessories P28