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Panorama City

Become a Seller

The Valley Indoor Swap Meet (VISM) welcomes millions of customers every year. Businesses often don't succeed because of high start-up costs, high overhead expenses, and expensive advertising. VISM has a large customer base, the start-up costs are unbelievably low, and the advertising - we do it for you!

At the Swap Meet, the business owner has the chance to quickly establish a prosperous business. Since there are no leases, the long-term obligations are eliminated, and therefore, very little risk is involved.

The Valley Indoor Swap Meet enjoys a reputation for quality merchandise at amazing prices. Southern California customers will find great bargains at any of our many shops.

For the cost of running a basic ad in the local paper, you will:

  • be able to rent a booth on a month-to-month basis (no lease),
  • not be required to give a security deposit,
  • not be charged common area fees,
  • access a large, loyal customer base.

We also provide free parking for customers. When you add up all the benefits the Swap Meet provides, the decision is simple. A small business that can secure a space in the Swap Meet will have a great opportunity to be successful. Advertising costs can be really high, and getting thousands of people to walk by your business each day sounds almost impossible. Not at our Swap Meet. All you need to do is contact our management office for details and availability.

Panorama City - 24 Days   Mon.-Sun. 10 am-6 pm ( Tuesdays closed)

The Panorama City location has two stories, and the rates vary based on booth size and location. Please contact the management office for details and availability. Prices may also vary during the holidays when the Swap Meet is open for extended hours and days.  We rent on a 4 week period and, in general, the rates are as follows:

First Floor

  • $580  Regular Space (9x13)

Second Floor

  • $410  Regular Space (9x13)

Additional charges

  • $15 Business License/Tax (in place of business license)
  • $75 Electrical/Advertising/Maintenance/Security Fee
    • Based on usage – covers up to 500 watts, additional wattage will be charged
    • $10 for each additional adjoining space
  • $250 Move In Fee & Booth Preparation (one-time fee)

Call us at (818) 892-0183 or visit us in person for additional information.

Q: I am interested in becoming a Vendor; what is the process?  
A: In order to become a Vendor at the VISM, visit our on-site management office and fill out an application. You should also bring samples of your merchandise to show us exactly what you plan to sell.

Q: Do I have to sign a long-term lease? 
A: No. The Swap Meet operates within four-week time periods, and all spaces are filled according to this schedule. Spaces will be filled once every four weeks from vendors on the waiting list. Renewal notices are handed out on the third week of each four-week block. At that time, you may renew your contract for another 4 weeks.

Q: What are the hours of operations? 
A: Vendors shall remain open for business at all times that the Swap Meet is open for business, Monday through Sunday 10 am - 6 pm (closed on Tuesdays). Vendors shall not open late or close early. Swap Meet days may vary during holidays and promotion events.

Q: How do you select vendors? 
A: We select vendors with merchandise we feel best suits the Swap Meet and the available space. We also select vendors based on their experience. We will make every attempt to locate you in an area that complements your merchandise.

Q: Do I need any license to sell merchandise at the Swap Meet? 
A: You are required to have a valid Resale Permit from the California State Board of Equalization (

Q: What merchandise items am I restricted from selling? 
A: You may not sell food items, guns, pornography, or any illegal items. You may only sell the items that are listed in your contract and have been approved by the management. Counterfeit merchandise is strictly forbidden.

Q: When can I fix up the booth and load the merchandise? 
A: The Swap Meet is open for loading, unloading, and booth construction one hour prior to opening to the public.  Also, each booth can be customized to fit your style, theme, product, and taste. If more time is needed for booth construction, we will work with you.

Q: At the end of the day, do I have to remove my merchandise? 
A: Since it's an indoor swap meet, vendors can leave their merchandise in the building. Sellers secure and lock up their booths at the end of each day.

Q: If I take a space, may I transfer to another space if one becomes available? 
A: We generally try to accommodate the requests of our existing sellers before offering a space to someone on the waiting list.

Panorama City - Valley Indoor Swap Meet

 For leasing and availability, please contact the Swap Meet directly at: (818) 892-0183

14650 Parthenia Street
Panorama City, CA 91402 
Tel: 818-892-0183


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